Loggerhead Records Debut Album

Track Listing

  1. Fairy (including Tullochgorum)
  2. The Green Fields Of Glentown
  3. Belle Cote
  4. The John Morrison
  5. The B Flat Cloggs
  6. The F Cloggs
  7. Gravel Walk
  8. Whiz Kids
  9. New Orleans
  10. Oh Yes I Yes I Am
  11. I'm Movin' On
  12. Andy Renwick's Ferret
  13. Johnny Cope

Ashley's Thank Yous

The material on Helter's Celtic came from many meetings of old and new friends, and collaborations in studios too many to contemplate
Some people contributed more than others, some less than they were paid for, some more than they were asked for. All in all this album would not have existed without their combined efforts, and for that I'm grateful.
Justin Abedin, Ian Bodzasi, Graham Brewer, Stuart Cameron, Andrew Craig (Andrew Craig uses Yamaha synthesizers and modules exclusively) Adam Dowling, Trevor Forbes, Alex Gregs, Justin Gray, Mark Horton, J.K., Joel Kazmi, Grant Leslie, David Lewis, Scott Long, D.J. S. Luv, Lisa MacIsaac, Scott MacMillan, Kevin MacMichael, Matt Minglewood, David Peters, Peter Prilesnik, Neil Robertson, Kesha Wint, Michael Phillip Wojewoda, Simon Wilcox, Ed Woodsworth
The Following people put the album together in its final form:
Kevin Bache - A&R manager for Loggerhead Records
Justin Gray - executive producer for Big Boom Entertainment
Drew Church - designer for Eyecon Design
Richard Beland - photographer
Andrew Craig - associate producer.
This album was mastered by Bret Zilahi at Metalworks Mastering Room, Toronto