Major label debut
Approved by the CBDA
(Cape Breton Diddling Association)

Track Listing

  1. Beaton's Delight
  2. Sleepy Maggie  (w/ Mary Jane Lamond)
  3. Rusty D-con-STRUCK-tion
  4. The Devil in the Kitchen
  5. MacDougall's Pride - 5:03
  6. Spoonboy - 5:38
  7. What an Idiot He Is  (w/ jale)
  8. Sophia's Pipes
  9. Sad Wedding Day
  10. Wing-Stock
  11. Hills of Glenorchy
  12. Brenda Stubbert
  13. Kill Your Foes *secret track*

Ashley's Thank Yous

Everybody's Just Awesome

Sheri Jones (puts life in order)
Wayne O'Connor (brings new order to life)
Angus, Carmelita, Lisa & Henry - 2 years later - you're strong people
Allan Reid - drove you to marketing, eh?
Joe Summers - Gaelic code doesn't work X?!?aD

Heather Sym - FACTOR, you have a great leader and a wonderful organization and you did make it possible.

At A&M - Stephanie Robertson, Susan Brearton, Alice Barrett, John Reid, Gerry Lacoursiere, Bill Ott, Steve Coady, Dave Porter, Greg Barkley, David Andoff, Pablo Fairhall, David Anderle

MOM & DAD IN BRAMALEA (Joe & Rita MacDonald)
I love you both and soon we'll have some cheese potatoes.

Doug & Florence Cameron
Sherry Tait & James Malcolm (Mama said, "If I only had the chance, I coulda been better..." Thanks for all the bacon in Shannon Park (hi Freddy).

NY Philip Glass, Jo-ann Akalaitis, Zacky, Juliet, Rene, Cameron Meinhalm, Louis Torious, St. Mark's St., Limelight, Dick's Bar, Alan Ginsberg, Paul & Edie, Tucci.
Philip & Jo-ann - what have you done - you've created a monster.
Hope my cage is still around 14th and 2nd.
Talk to you soon!

Scott & Jennyfer
Yurri Olkasmitv
Richard, Shaw & Sam at Feldman's
Pierre Marchand
Hayward Parrott
Tom O'Keefe & Jamie Foulds
Wally McCaully
Archie Neil Chisholm
Morag Grahan
Colleen MacDonald
Joella Foulds
Allan Dewar & Sean Poirier
Matthew Foulds
Gordie Sampson
Peter, Al, Marie and the gang at Tour Tech East
John Allan & Angela Cameron
George Georgakakos
Scott McIntyre
Andrew Kirk
The East Coast Music Association
Robert Redshaw
Barb Kent & all the folks at Canadian Airlines
John O'Connor
COOP Agreement of Nova Scotia
Anya Wilson (care for a cranberry juice dear?)
Larry Leblanc
Christie & Si
Bob & Gail Ludwig

Stan Chapman - you were the first teacher - you were and are the best. Your sense of teaching a child is the enlightened way, the compassionate way, the Cape Breton way.
See you at the Cape!

Julie - you're gonna get him, well of course
Kim, Carmen, Kelly, Marty - clean your shoes - they're just always so nice - see ya!
Andrew - Vancouver - Hi(tm) - thanks - groove boys
Keith - Toronto - Hi(tm) - thanks - groove boys
Rob Cohn, Bill Ballard (are you guys friends yet?)
Chieftans - driver boy (what about ya big lad)
John McDermott
Phyllistine Landry
Peggy Johnson
Greg, Tim, Stephen & the Herald
Sandy & the Daily News
Joanne, Paul & ATV/ASN
Eric MacEwan
Inverness Oran
Cathy, Cindy, Rossie, Chris
Chip Sutherland
Brian Farr
Boris/Peeper/Dave Mahon
Michael Philip Wojewoda
Pete Prilesnik

Everybody involved, you are many more, thanks for making all the corners of the square fold into a diamond (or at least some Inverness coal).