Ashley MacIsaac ...violin & piano

Scott Macmillan ...guitar and keyboard sequencing

Aurelie Cormier ...vocals

Jim Faraday ...percussion

Jeff MacDonald ...vocals

Alan Mackenzie ...pipes

  • Track Listing
  • Ashley's Thank Yous

  • Track Listing

    1. (3:01) Medley
  • T'was the Night Before Christmas
  • The Devil in the Kitchen
    ...arranged by Ashley MacIsaac & Scott Macmillan

    2. (2:44) Go Tell it on the Mountain
    ...traditional arrangement by Ashley MacIsaac & Scott Macmillan

    3. (2:45) Away in a Manger
    ...traditional arrangement by Scott Macmillan

    4. (3:43) Il Est Ne
    ...traditional arrangement by Scott Macmillan

    5. (9:24) Fiddle Medley

  • The March of the Cameron Men
  • The Glencoe March (Dan R. MacDonald)
  • The Laddie With The Pladdie - Strathspey
  • Traditional Strathspey
  • Jenny Dang the Weaver Reel
  • Irish Reel
  • Irish Reel

    6. (3:30) Children's Medley

  • MacNabs Hornpipe (with Jingle Bell remix)
    ...arranged by Ashley MacIsaac & Scott Macmillan

    7. (2:46) Ciuin an Oidach (Silent Night)

  • Reading From Luke: 2(1-14)
    ...Franz Gruber, arranged by Scott Macmillan

    8. (3:38) Christmas Jigs and Reels

  • Midnight Clearance Sale
  • The Three Dories (Dan J.Campbell Tune)

    9. (3:12) God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
    ...traditional arrangement by Ashley MacIsaac & Scott Macmillan

    10. (3:13) Auld Lang Syne: Air, Strathspey & Reel and Traditional Reel
    ...traditional arrangement by Ashley MacIsaac

    Ashley's Thank Yous


    This project was put together very quickly - actually in two weeks, starting at the end of September. It could not have become a reality without the work of one man. Scott Macmillan (musician, arranger, composer, producer extraordinaire) was totally dedicated to completing this project. From tune selections to arrangements, to providing Vitamin C for my flu - he made sure that the project went on. Thanks! As usual, behind every great man is an even greater better half: Jennyfer Brickenden. Thanks for keeping both Scott and me in line! You were instrumental in the success of this production - everything from artwork to the - oh - so comfortable bed beside your desk!

    Thanks also to Rob Cohn, Sherri Jones & Wayne O'Conner, Buddy MacMaster, Don Keddy & Sandra Oxner, J.P. Arsenault & Reg MacMichael (Sound Pro Recording Studio), visual communications designer: Camille Chapman (Centennial Beach Communications), Aron Zon & John Morris Rankin (Buddy's Devil piano lick), and of course the musicians and vocalists: Alan MacKenzie, Jim Faraday, Aurelie Cormier and Jeff MacDonald.

    Finally, it goes without saying (but I will say it anyway), two people who are always there for everything I do, deserve the most thanks of all: Mom & Dad --- I hope you enjoy this recording.